Help us build Mauritania’s first women’s eco-mahdhara

In one of the last bastions of Bedouin culture in the world, where sand dunes lay blazing under a scorching sun, where some people still count their wealth in livestock and all Islamic sciences are memorised in poetry, lies a village that has become synonymous with tarbiya (education) in Mauritania, Matamoulana.

The women of Matamoulana are diligent and determined in their pursuit of knowledge. Day in and day out, week after week, they brave the sweltering heat and patience-inducing conditions of this Saharan desert village to learn their religion.  For these grandmothers, mothers and girls, their lessons are the cornerstones of their routine.

They are the students and teachers of the Centre for the Mother and Child (Markaz Al-Umm wa al-Tifl)  who appeal to you to help them establish one of the first traditional Islamic institutes (called a mahdhara in Arabic) in Mauritania dedicated to the education of women and children.

With the support of South African NGO, the Gift of the Givers Foundation, construction started in December 2016, and we are looking for further funding to complete the construction of our centre and kindergarten.