The Centre for the Mother and Child (Markaz Al-Umm wa al-Tifl) is a traditional educational institute (known as a mahdhara) for women in Matamoulana, a village in the south east of Mauritania.

While teaching has been taking place for decades, at various venues in the village, in 2004, the institute was officially opened, and a small space was rented. Up until today, we use various venues, even though our classes have grown exponentially.

But we needed a bigger space.  With the support of South African NGO, the Gift of the Givers Foundation, we acquired land and construction started in December 2016.  We are are now looking for funding to complete the construction of our centre and kindergarten.

The success of this will mark the establishment of the one of the first mahdharas in Mauritania dedicated to the education of women and children.


To create a fully-fledged, independent women’s Islamic educational institute directed and instructed by local women.